A Staffordshire car parts manufacturer is gearing up for growth in 2022 with a promise to increase its product range and delivery service. Klarius introduced hundreds of new products to the market last year whilst maintaining its next day delivery service for customers, despite the global supply chain issues.

James Ellison, sales director at Klarius, said: “The aftermarket faced many challenges in 2021. Logistical planning was difficult, especially with the unprecedented, exponential rise in steel and rare earth metals prices – both of which are key materials for exhaust manufacturing processes.

“With the hard work of our team and precision planning, we continued to provide our next morning delivery service to stockists and distributors on any product in range. This meant we could offer total availability to our customers, supporting them through times of uncertainty”

27 million cars are the target market for Klarius and are adding new exhausts, catalytic converters, diesel particulate filters and bespoke mountings to its range. They have more than 11,000 individual parts. With a lean manufacturing approach they are best placed to develop a strong manufacturing base with wider and lucrative product lines.

UK car part manufacturing endured a difficult time during the pandemic as demand, supply lines, raw material sourcing and pricing all presented challenges. Not least was the inability to plan effectively. This has all changed for Klarius who are now positioned to benefit from lifting of restrictions and the subsequent uptick in demand.

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