The Eicher Premium range carries an extended 24 month, 24,000 mile warranty when fitted in complete axle sets (meaning EICHER Premium pads and discs are fitted at the same time, and purchased on the same, or related invoices) to allow you to fit them with confidence. The entire range of Eicher Premium Pads & Discs are fully R90 compliant so there is never a comprimise on safety or quality.

Bore Ø [mm]15,3
Brake Disc Thickness [mm]22,0
Brake Disc TypeVented
Centering Diameter [mm]65
Diameter [mm]280
Height [mm]49,9
Hole Arrangement / Number09/10
Inner Diameter [mm]144
Minimum Thickness [mm]19
No. of holes 29
Number of Holes5
Pitch Circle Ø [mm]112
Weight [kg]5,9
Fitting PositionFront
Fitted Quantity2
PR Number1ZF, 1ZM

Brake Disc

Most modern cars have disc brakes on the front wheels, and some have disc brakes on all four wheels. The function of the brake disc is to slow down or stop the car. When the brake pedal is pressed the brake pads “squeeze” the brake disc which generates friction.

Brake discs should be replaced when they are worn below the minimum thickness, worn unevenly, warped or heavily scored. Should be replaced in pairs with new brake pads fitted at the same time.

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